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 Graycliff Co., Ltd. reserves the right to evaluate each request in line with the guidelines set out in this document, within 5 working days from receipt of completed application.

The following guidelines set the parameters within which all photographic and film shoots held on the Graycliff property must be conducted.  By completing points 4 and 5, you are confirming your ability to comply with points 1, 2 and 3.

  • No shoot will take place without written permission from Graycliff Company Ltd.’s Management.
  • All shoots held must be in line with the Graycliff’s positioning and corporate image.
  • Graycliff Management reserves the right to charge a location fee for the shoot. Charges may be wagered at the discretion of Graycliff’s Management.
  • Should the required location involve any other parties, prior consent from the third party will also need to be obtained.
  • Graycliff’s and all staff there of, will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or harm to persons during the shoot.
  • All equipment brought onto the property for the shoot will be removed immediately thereafter.
  • Use of models, extras and props will be at the expense of the Production House / Agency / Photographer.
  • No member of the public may be viewed in the shoot material without their prior consent in writing.
  • The shoot material may only be used for the purpose as detailed below. No further usage of the material is permitted without the consent of Graycliff’s Management.
  • Wedding photo shoots will only be allowed at Graycliff if they are staying in-house or the reception is taking place on the premises.
  • Due to current Covid-19 regulations to access the Graycliff Hotel grounds all persons 2 years of age and older must either be fully vaccinated (last shot taken more than 14 days prior) or have a recent negative Covid-19 test (taken within 5-days).
  • Lighting or any other photographic equipment may not be erected in any manner that could cause damage to Graycliff property.
  • The Production Company must ensure that comprehensive insurance is taken out in the event of any damage to any Graycliff property as a result of negligence on their behalf. Proof of such insurance is required.
  • A copy of the script must be submitted to the Public Relations Manager together with the shooting schedule.

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Please note that full details need to be supplied in order for the application to be considered.
Provide a brief description of the publicity opportunities that exist for the Graycliff, if any, as a result of your shoot:
A location fee will be charged; the amount will vary depending on the nature of shoot
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