Coffee & Chocolate

Graycliff Coffee

Graycliff 100% Certified Organic Espresso and Graycliff Signature House Blend Coffee are the latest additions to our continued commitment to excellence. Grown in the high mountains of Guatemala, Graycliff Coffee is produced in small quantities to satisfy the most exigent and delicate palates.

• Graycliff 100% Certified Organic Espresso – roasted very gently to maximize the characteristics of all natural essences, aroma, flavour and acidity, delivering a well balanced aromatic coffee with full flavour and strong body.

• Graycliff Signature House Blend Coffee – roasted longer to produce a darker full-flavoured, yet refined coffee.

• Espresso available in Whole Bean 350 Gram Packs; House Blend available in ground 350 Gram Packs.

Graycliff Chocolatier

At Graycliff Chocolatier visitors can indulge their passion for chocolate learning the provenance of regional cacao beans, the importance of promoting fair trade and organic farming, how beans are processed and of course the final product – how the delightful chocolate that everyone craves using only the finest of ingredients is created.

The chocolate factory produces a variety of hand-crafted chocolates of varied cocoa strengths, available for purchase by the individual piece or gift box at the Graycliff Chocolatier Boutique. The dark, milk and white chocolate pieces are available in solid bars or bits, filled bonbons, truffles, barks and cocktail pops.

At the Graycliff Chocolatier Factory, experiential tours for adults and children are a unique opportunity for participants to become the artists behind their masterpieces. They'll get hands-on with ingredients from the freshest Bahamian fruit: mango, lime, coconut, sea grapes and genips; to the most savoury and unlikely: sweet tomato-basil and bacon.

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